Husband: David Woelk
   Born: 13 May 1873               in Franzfeld, Yazykovo, Russia
Married: 06 Feb 1899 in Franzfeld, Yazykovo, Russia
Died: 06 May 1954 in Herbert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Father: Gerhard Woelk
Mother: Helena Kroeker
   Wife: Anna Unger
   Born: 15 Jul 1875               in Franzfeld, Yazykovo, Russia
Died: 10 Aug 1956 in Herbert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Father: Heinrich Unger
Mother: Maria Hoeppner
01  (M): Henry David Woelk
Born: 22 Nov 1899 in Nikolaifeld, Sagradovka, South Russia
Died: 12 Jan 1979 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Spouses: Katharina Bergen
02  (M): Gerhard 'George' Woelk
Born: 17 Jul 1901 in Nikolaifeld, Sagradovka, Russia
Died: 26 May 1978 in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada
Spouses: Katharina 'Tina' Peters
03  (M): David Woelk
Born: 17 Feb 1903 in South Russia
Died: 03 Aug 1984 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Spouses: Gertrude Mielke
04  (F): Helena Woelk
Born: 21 Oct 1904 in Gruenthal, South Russia
Spouses: John Kehler
05  (F): Maria 'Mary' Woelk
Born: 22 Jun 1906 in Gruenfeld, South Russia
Died: Oct 2001 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Spouses: Jacob 'Jake' Falk
06  (F): Anna Woelk
Born: 18 Dec 1908 in Grunfeld, Russia
Died: 25 Feb 1979 in Clearbrook, B.C., Canada
Spouses: Jacob Bernhard Hamm
07  (M): Jacob 'Jake' D. Woelk
Born: 30 May 1912 in Franzfeld, South Russia
Died: 25 Mar 2005 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Spouses: Minnie Goertzen; Katharina Friesen

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